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One of the traditions of Chichicastenango is to do all their shopping activities on Thursdays and Sundays in the central plaza, thus creating its famous market that attracts many visitors.

The "Blessing of the Seeds" is another tradition that takes place at the beginning of each year. During the Holy Week there are several processions through the streets of the town, the most important of which is on Good Friday.

During the Day of Death, they remember their dearly departed by visiting the cementery and preparing an altar in each home. The All Saints Day is the first day of the change of the Brotherhook of St. Thomas Apostle, patron saint of the town for whom they perform ancestral dances in the main square, like "Baile del Torito" (Dance of the Little Bull), and the "Baile del Venado" (Dance of the Deer).

The most important feast is in honor of St. Thomas, which is celebrated between December 17, and 21. There are processions and ceremonial dances as well as the ceremony of the "Palo Volador" a pole some 25 to 30 yards height with a reel at the top to which ropes are wound. It is placed in front ot the church. Two indians climb to the top by means of a ladder attached to the pole. They attach themselves to a rope, which attached to the pole. They attach themselves to the rope, which unwinds with their weight, swinging farther and farther from the pole in ever widening circles until they reach the ground.